Looking Glass

imgLooking Glass is a name of my master thesis project which is currently under development. The goal of this work is to create a system to control a team of robots using an augmented reality. Hardware part of this projects consist of virtual reality headset goggles and controller. As goggles I use Chine’s plastic copy of Google Cardboard together with my Nexus 5. For the controller I am currently using generic gamepad, but I might add touchpad in future.

The project’s software is split into two programs where one runs on the phone and the other runs on UAVs. These two parts wirelessly communicate with each other through custom UDP protocol which should compensate the wireless connection instability and low bandwidth.  The operator uses the phones software which projects the augmented reality into the glasses. Phone’s back camera feed is enriched informations about current UAV’s statuses, their plans and even allows to take control over one of them. The application  is written in C++  with Qt Framework, OpenGL ES and some Java glue. It currently supports Android, Sailfish OS and desktop GNU/Linux (for testing).



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