Dell business laptops are great computers. Unfortunately they are quite expensive for normal people. But if you want to get one cheep, you can buy from Dell outlet. The problem with outlet is that computers in there are in limited quantities, so it is not easy to get your chosen PC with chosen configuration and right price. This let me on evening to write a program which scans outlet’s web pages and tells you about possible candidates for your new computer. The program is based on Qt- try icon example and is distributed in form of source code.

After you start the program you have to make a setup. The most important  task is to insert url. Please go to dell outlet page and choose computer you want like this. Outlet page is using an AJAX to load their offer. Now you need to get AJAX url with for example firebug. You start firebug and watch the incoming AJAX url’s while you configure your requirements. Then you take the last url and insert it into the PrDell. Happy hunting


Source code: source


Kiosek is experimental school project to research human interaction with animated talking head. The was provided by IBM research, but unfortunately it was quite unstable and only in binary form.  The integration into application proved to be quite challenging but with a glue form WINAPI I was able to make seamless integration into program written in QT+QML. But still there are some problems. I cannot distribute the head with program and I had to make a fall back for Linux and Android which we used to simulate touchscreen interaction. The resulting program is suppose to help students to eat healthy in school cafeteria.


Web page: Kiosek

Source code: source

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