Napata Launcher

Napata Launcher is a gesture based launcher. It is based around intuitive swipe gesture. Just a simple swipe of your thumb on the home screen switches you between running tasks, apps and notifications. You can return from any app back to Napata Launcher by swiping from the edge of your screen.

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Atlas is real time volumetric 3D editor and rendering engine. It combines the power and ease of voxels with image quality of regular mesh based models.

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Deflector VR

Deflector VR is a remake of the famous classic game Pong. This special remake is made in 3D and for VR (Virtual Reality) glasses such as Google Cardboard.

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PinkGlassesPink Glasses

If you are feeling sad, alone or just for fun. Take your Google Cardboard or other VR (virtual reality) classes. Insert your phone with this app and see literally the world through pink glasses.
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