Atlas improvements

It has been quite some time from last release. Lot of thinks has been added to the Atlas but a lot has been removed. First I have dropped support of Qt 4, because Qt 5 is becoming quite mature and because I need QtQuick. Right, QtQuick is the biggest change in Atlas. I have started rewriting whole UI from software rendering based QtWidgets to hardware accelerated QtQuick. The work is quite complex and time consuming (now I understand why no one wants to rewrite those Motif based applications 😀 ). Currently the application is hybrid of both worlds, but it will get better. It is cool to have HW accelerated GUI but more importantly it allows me to have proper support for Android. One of many problems with Android is that it doesn’t allow me to have mixed SW/HW rendering application. Until now it was possible to run Atlas on Android but without UI, which was kinda useless.

I have been working also on other parts of editor. The loading times are down by 50% thanks to code re-factoring and better usage of CPU cache. RAM usage also decreased dramatically. This was achieved by using in memory compression. There were some improvements in rendering which resulted in higher frame rate.